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Here's what attorneys in several different practice areas are saying about their experience with the Public Directory:

"The SCCBA is on the cutting edge in offering attorneys the new internet Public Directory of Attorneys. Internet marketing for attorneys is absolutely essential. Business development can't be done without an internet presence in as many locations as possible."
--Richard Alexander, Civil Litigator

Criminal Law
"I've been receiving several contacts each week for clients needing a criminal defense lawyer. It's amazing."
--Criminal Law Public Directory Attorney

Family Law
"Within the first few weeks of subscribing, I had paid for my six month subscription to the Public Directory."
--John Conway, Family Lawyer

"I received four client contacts in one day; I have been very impressed with the client traffic to the Public Directory."
--Small Firm Practitioner, Family Lawyer


"I've received about 10 client contacts in the past month. While none of them were cases I could take, I was able to refer them to other attorneys. I am impressed by how easy it is for potential clients to find the SCCBA Public Directory of Attorneys."
--Tom Kuhnle, Complex Civil Litigation

"I've received enough new client contacts to have started a new law practice. Potential clients I am not able to take, I refer to other attorneys listed in the Pubilc Directory of Attorneys. I receive at least two new client contacts each week."
--Civil Practice Public Directory Attorney




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